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 Start-up Society @Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Startup Society 1.0:  Welcome to 4Seas!

4seas is a crypto nomad start-up society with its first site in Chiang Mai, aiming to foster the integration of crypto technology and innovative societies. We provide an ideal workspace, living environment, and activity space for digital and crypto nomads, allowing members to experience the world while transforming it with new technologies.

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How does 4Seas work?

We practice on-chain governance through crypto tokens, DAO, and other methods, recording the micro-history of the society and accumulating iterative methodologies. We encourage members to think, discuss, and make decisions collaboratively, establishing and enhancing a sustainable and positively impactful crypto nomad start-up society. In the post-nation-state era, we explore solutions for digital personal sovereignty for future global citizens and the citizenship of network states.

4seas' values are rooted in sustainability, open-source, freedom, and diversity. We firmly believe that a healthy society culture depends on all members' collective safeguarding of these values. 

We welcome you to Chiang Mai, Thailand, the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom with a rich history and culture. Chiang Mai is also considered the contemporary capital of digital nomads and an emerging crypto city. Join us in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Why Chiang Mai? 

After conducting field visits, we discovered that Chiang Mai, Thailand, is an ideal location for novice digital nomads to start their journey and a hub for the emerging crypto industry. Historically, "Northern Thailand Rose" - Chiang Mai is part of the Zomia region and was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. This highland region of the Indochina Peninsula has a long history of pluralist values and anarchist traditions. It has also been a haven for Western hippies and backpackers since the "Summer of Love" in the 1960s. 

We plan to implement this concept in Chiang Mai using crypto technology and DAOs, shaping a new way of living and working while building this start-up society. We envision the 4seas community as a place of globalism and diversity, bringing together members with various cultural and professional backgrounds, sharing knowledge, skills, and resources, stimulating innovative thinking, and jointly promoting Start-up Society 1.0.

Feel free to read this handbook for new comers in Chiang Mai: CM Handbook

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